During our 5 years consulting work with Schlumberger Well Services, we have contributed in implementing of a series of modules to optimize the whole life cycle of a field ticket as follows:

  • Allow customers to view the online service catalogue and request the required services
  • Assist sales group to create and upload the price books based on the negotiated contracts
  • Allow dispatch or sales engineers to initiate a field ticket and upload to central server
  • Allow field engineers/operators to download the field tickets, price books and master data before they start a job
  • Help field engineers/Operators to prepare check list, follow safety and operational guidelines during job and finalize the post job requirements to improve service quality and create electronic field invoices
  • Organize the operational data (Wells, Rigs, Revenues, Assets, Personnel, Time, failures, etc) and create a variety of internal and external reports

Click to view the interactive video of modern ticketing life cycle or click on below image to enlarge it:

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  • Enquire customer feed back on field operation and rate customer satisfaction
  • Allow field service managers to rate the acquisition data quality
  • Assist clerks in feeding the field tickets to invoicing system and also in assigning calculated bonus to every engineer (once the ticket is invoiced to client) and eliminate the human errors
  • Report asset usage and monitor the asset assignments to field locations in order to minimize the asset related failures and optimize the field resources
  • Report failures occurred during field jobs and force field people to follow up on them to eliminate repeated failures
  • Provide financial-operational indexes based on consolidated field data(on server) to help marketing people to smartly approach customers
  • Create efficiency measures based on consolidated field data(on server) to help managers to monitor field oprations and identify required actions to be taken in terms of training, safety, resource management, service quality improvement, and failure prevention

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