We specialize in providing robust solutions to oil service industry, as we have been dealing with the largest oil service company (Schlumberger Well Services) for the past 5 years to provide variable modules to:
  • Capture field operational data and upload them to central servers
  • Design price books and to provide tools to upload/download price books based on location profile
  • Create customized electronic field invoices and to feed required invoicing data to accounting departments
  • Create custom reports off the central server used by marketing people and high level managers to measure the overall operational/financial performances in different locations
  • Improve business intelligence to optimize the operational and reducible costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary human error in the process of capturing field data, creating reports and providing financial data to related departments
  • Keep track of asset inventory/usage in different locations and report the need for maintenance
  • Create asset failure, action and follow up reports
  • Generate data/service quality control reports
We are proud to offer our operational oil field experience for more than 10 years combined with our up-to-date expertise in software development for more than 8 years to help our clients to develop more practical solutions tailored to service sector of oil industry.

Our modular solutions can suite full range of oil service companies from small-size to big size companies depending on their business or operation requirements.

Please visit the Expertise page to learn more about our service and view some of our practical examples.

Our integration solutions are built on our extensive oil field experience

Outstanding Benefits

  • Optimize operation resources
  • Eliminate human error and reduce over head cost
  • Raise the quality of service and improve customer satisfaction
  • Monitor operation efficiency by defining performance measures based on real field data
  • Simplify the invoicing process
  • Involve customer in selection of the suitable service for their need
  • Centralize the asset inventory
  • Organize the personnel count and monitor the staff's field days
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